aspergillus spp. colonization in exhaled breath condensate of lung cancer patients from puglia region of italy.airways of lung cancer patients are often colonized by fungi. some of these colonizing fungi, under particular conditions, produce cancerogenic mycotoxins. given the recent interest in the infective origin of lung cancer, with this preliminary study we aim to give our small contribution to this field of research by analysing the fungal microbiome of the exhaled breath condensate of lung cancer patients from puglia, a region of italy.201424548615
survey of human pathogenic actinomycetes and fungi in soil from rome and other italian part of a study sponsored by the ministry of health of italy, a research program on pathogenic actinomycetes, keratinophilic and pathogenic fungi in soil was carried out. two hundred soil samples, collected from different areas of the city of rome, calabria, emilia romagna, latium, apulia, sardinia, sicily, tuscany and umbria, were examined by several techniques to detect the widest possible variety of pathogenic actinomycetes and fungi. seven isolates of nocardia asteroides, four of actinoma ...19817012635
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