short report: observations on the multiple feeding behavior of culex tritaeniorhynchus (diptera: culicidae), the vector of japanese encephalitis in kerala in southern india.a study was undertaken in villages endemic for japanese encephalitis (je) in kerala in southern india during the period 1998-2001 to determine the host-feeding pattern of culex tritaeniorhynchus, the major vector of je in southeast asia. a total of 3,067 blood-engorged cx. tritaeniorhynchus were tested and 2,553 (82.2%) of the samples could be identified. culex tritaeniorhynchus had fed mainly (56.6%) on cattle. pig feeding accounted 6.3% of the total samples. some samples (n = 980, 38.3%) were ...200515741557
seroprevalence of bluetongue virus antibodies in sheep and goats in kerala state, india.the results presented here record the first confirmation of bluetongue virus (btv) antibody in sheep and goats in kerala state. a total of 1,010 sera collected from the 14 districts within the state were screened for the presence of group-specific btv antibodies by dot enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (dot elisa). positive samples were obtained from 12 of the 14 districts. the overall btv antibody prevalence was 5.1 +/- 1.9% (at 95% confidence level) although the prevalence levels were consiste ...200516642765
prevalence of linguatula serrata in domestic ruminants in south india.linguatula serrata frohlich, 1789 is an aberrant endoparasite of occasional zoonotic importance in humans. we report the prevalence of encapsulated nymphal stages of l. serrata in domestic ruminants surveyed in wayanad, located in kerala state, south india. large and small intestine mesentery were examined from 100 goats, cattle and buffaloes each revealing an infection prevalence of 21, 19, and 8%, respectively. the prevalence of l. serrata infection among ruminants is higher than previous repo ...200819058572
Diagnosis of paratuberculosis in goats by cell mediated immune response, conventional and molecular diagnostic techniques.In the present study efficacy of single intradermal Johnin test, acid fast staining of faecal smear and IS 900 faecal polymerase chain reaction tests was evaluated in 200 goats for detection of Mycobacterium avium subsp paratuberculosis. Two hundred goats comprising 150 goats from an organised farm in Trichur district and 50 goats reared under field condition at farmers premise from Malappuram district of Kerala state formed the study population. Faecal smear from all the 200 goats was stained b ...201121956142
"my story is like a goat tied to a hook." views from a marginalized tribal group in kerala (india) on the consequences of falling ill: a participatory poverty and health assessment.indigenous populations tend to have the poorest health outcomes worldwide and they have limited opportunities to present their own perspectives of their situation and shape priorities in research and policy. this study aims to explain low healthcare utilisation rates and opportunities to cope with illness among a deprived indigenous group - based on their own experiences and views.201019854744
visceral schistosomiasis among domestic ruminants slaughtered in wayanad, south india.this short communication reports the prevalence of visceral schistosomiasis by worm counts from the mesentery of domestic ruminants of the hilly district of wayanad, located in kerala, one of the states in south india. we found 57.3, 50, and 4.7% of cattle, buffaloes and goats, respectively, had visceral schistosomiasis upon slaughter at a municipal slaughter house in kalpetta. our findings show that the prevalence of schistosoma spindale infection is very high in wayanad in comparison to previo ...200718613541
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