hydatid disease in himachal pradesh. 19744443582
prevalence of dicrocoeliosis in sheep and goats in himachal pradesh, india.a survey incorporating field and abattoir studies was carried out on the prevalence of dicrocoelium dendriticum in sheep and goats in the kangra valley of himachal pradesh (india). coprological studies on these migratory animals revealed that 8.1% of sheep and 4.1% of goats were positive for dicrocoeliosis, with a mean number of eggs per gram of faeces (epg) of 702.1 for sheep and 566.7 for goats. the necropsy liver examination of slaughtered animals revealed that 24.1% of sheep and 12.3% of goa ...19968720564
emerging capripoxvirus disease outbreaks in himachal pradesh, a northern state of india.both sheep and goat pox are contagious viral diseases and affect small ruminants and are caused by sheep pox virus and goat pox virus respectively that belong to genus capripoxvirus of poxviridae family. huge economic losses emanating from the disease outbreaks are the results of the wool and hide damage, subsequent production losses and also the morbidities and mortalities associated with the disease. this communication highlights clinico-epidemiological observations from the two sheep pox and ...201021214867
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