the sponge-associated bacterium bacillus licheniformis sab1: a source of antimicrobial compounds.several bacterial cultures were isolated from sponge halichondria sp., collected from the gujarat coast of the indo pacific region. these bacterial cultures were fermented in the laboratory (100 ml) and the culture filtrate was assayed for antibiotic activity against 16 strains of clinical pathogens. bacillus sp. (sab1), the most potent of them and antagonistic to several clinically pathogenic gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and the fungus aspergillus fumigatus was chosen for further inves ...201020479975
screening of pgpr from saline desert of kutch: growth promotion in arachis hypogea by bacillus licheniformis a2.rhizosphere of a halotolerant plant suaeda fruticosa from saline desert of little rann of kutch, gujarat (india) was explored for isolation of pgpr form the rare ecological niche having4.33% salinity. total 85 isolates from the rhizosphere belonging to different species were isolated. out of 85 isolates, 23 could solubilize phosphate and 11 isolates produced iaa. seven isolates showed both the traits of phosphate solubilization and iaa production. all isolates which showed either of iaa producti ...201423896166
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