phylogenetic analysis using e2 gene of classical swine fever virus reveals a new subgenotype in china.outbreaks of classical swine fever (csf) have caused serious economic consequences in china. phylogenetic analysis based on full-length e2 gene sequences showed that five classical swine fever virus (csfv) isolates collected from hunan province in 2011 and 2012, together with seven other isolates from neighboring provinces, guangdong (5) and guangxi (2), could be classified as a new subgenotype 2.1c, which may have been endemic in the south of china for at least fourteen years. subgenotype 2.1c ...201323608662
genome and molecular characterization of a csfv strain isolated from a csf outbreak in south the present study, the full-length nucleotide sequences of the csfv-gz-2009 strain of classical swine fever virus (csfv) isolated from a hog pen in guangdong province in china was determined. results demonstrated that the genome of csfv-gz-2009 is 12,298 nucleotides (nt) in length, is composed of a 373-nt 5'-untranslated region (utr), has an 11,697-nt open reading frame encoding a polyprotein of 3,898 amino acids, and has a 228-nt 3'-utr. genome comparison of the csfv-gz-2009 isolate (genbank ...201323296074
genetic diversity of subgenotype 2.1 isolates of classical swine fever the causative agent of classical swine fever, the economically devastating swine disease worldwide, classical swine fever virus (csfv) is currently classified into the 11 subgenotypes, of which subgenotype 2.1 is distributed worldwide and showing more genetic diversity than other subgenotypes. prior to this report, subgenotype 2.1 was divided into three sub-subgenotypes (2.1a-2.1c). to further analyze the genetic diversity of csfv isolates in china, 39 csfv isolates collected between 2004 and ...201627085291
complete genome sequence of a novel sub-subgenotype 2.1g isolate of classical swine fever virus from china.current subgenotype 2.1 isolates of classical swine fever virus (csfv) play a dominant role in csf outbreaks in china, and a novel sub-subgenotype 2.1g of csfv was recently identified, but the complete genome sequence of this new sub-subgenotype has not been reported. in this study, complete genome of 2.1g isolate gd19/2011 collected from guangdong province of china in 2011 was sequenced. it was found to be 12,298 nucleotides (nt) in length, including a 375-nt 5'utr, a 11,697-nt opening reading ...201627318930
in vitro adaptation and genome analysis of a sub-subgenotype 2.1c isolate of classical swine fever virus.classical swine fever (csf) still causes substantial economic losses in the pig industry in china. this study reports the isolation and characterization of a field csf virus named gd53/2011 from pig kidney tissue collected during a csf outbreak in guangdong province, china. phylogenetic analysis based on the full-length e2 gene sequence revealed that this isolate belongs to csfv sub-subgenotype 2.1c. to further understand the replication characteristics, gd53/2011 was subsequently adapted in pk- ...201627155669
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