molecular characterization and risk assessment of bacillus cereus sensu lato isolated from ultrahigh-temperature and pasteurized milk marketed in rio de janeiro, brazil.the presence of bacillus cereus in milk is a major concern in the dairy industry. in this study 27 bacillus cereus sensu lato isolates from pasteurized and ultrahigh-temperature (uht) milk (24 whole uht and 4 pasteurized samples) collected at supermarket chains in rio de janeiro, brazil, were evaluated to assess the potential risk for food poisoning. toxigenic and virulence profiles were defined by gene-specific pcr. affiliation to phylogenetic groups was assigned by panc sequencing. microbiolog ...201728556679
[evaluation of the incidence and toxicity of samples of bacillus cereus in various classes of foods sold and consumed in the state of rio de janeiro].one hundred and fourteen strains of bacillus cereus were isolated during presumptive plate-counts from 18 groups of industrialized, non-industrialized, crude or cooked food, belonging to 10 separate classes. specific presumptive counts ranged from 10(2) to 6 x 10(3)/g or ml. among these isolates, 13 strains were derived from 3 outbreaks of food poisoning (involving a minimum of 57 people), as determined by the assayed bacteriological quality of the ingested foods. as an adopted procedure to corr ...19853937011
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