heavy metal bioaccumulation by the important food plant, olea europaea l., in an ancient metalliferous polluted area of cyprus.aspects of the bioaccumulation of heavy metals are reviewed and possible evidence of homeostasis is highlighted. examination and analysis of olive (olea europaea l.) trees growing in close proximity to a copper dominated spoil tip dating from at least 2000 years bp, on the island of cyprus, revealed both bioaccumulation and partitioning of copper, lead and zinc in various parts of the tree. a factor to quantify the degree of accumulation is illustrated and a possible seed protective mechanism su ...200717618396
analysis of airborne pollen fall in nicosia (cyprus).airborne pollen distribution in the city of nicosia (cyprus) was measured volumetrically during two consecutive years 2007-2008 on weekly basis using lanzoni trap (lanzoni vpps 2000). a total of 7,880 pollen grains/m(3) belonging to 44 taxa, in 2007 were 3,593 pollen grains/m(3) and in 2008 it was 4,287 pollen grains/m(3), were determined. out of these, 25 belonged to the arboreal and 19 to the non-arboreal taxa. at the end of 2 years, total pollen counts were 78.76% arboreal, 19.32% non-arborea ...201322367407
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