vector competence of argentine mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) for west nile virus (flaviviridae: flavivirus).we examined the ability of culex pipiens l. complex mosquitoes from argentina to vector west nile virus (wnv) to assess their role in the transmission of wnv in south america. several egg rafts of culex spp. were collected from different breeding sites in the suburbs of the city of la plata, argentina, and a subset of each progeny was scored with morphological and genetic species indicators. surprisingly, we did not find cx. pipiens form pipiens, but found evidence of genetic hybrids of culex qu ...023926785
comparison of argentinean saint louis encephalitis virus non-epidemic and epidemic strain infections in an avian louis encephalitis virus (slev, flavivirus, flaviviridae) is an emerging mosquito-borne pathogen in south america, with human slev encephalitis cases reported in argentina and brazil. genotype iii strains of slev were isolated from culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes in cordoba, argentina in 2005, during the largest slev outbreak ever reported in south america. the present study tested the hypothesis that the recent, epidemic slev strain exhibits greater virulence in birds as compared with a n ...201121629729
silent circulation of st. louis encephalitis virus prior to an encephalitis outbreak in cordoba, argentina (2005).st. louis encephalitis virus is a complex zoonoses. in 2005, 47 laboratory-confirmed and probable clinical cases of slev infection were reported in córdoba, argentina. although the causes of 2005 outbreak remain unknown, they might be related not only to virological factors, but also to ecological and environmental conditions. we hypothesized that one of the factors for sle reemergence in córdoba, argentina, was the introduction of a new slev genotype (slev genotype iii), with no previous activi ...201222303490
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