variations in the expressed antimicrobial peptide repertoire of northern leopard frog (rana pipiens) populations suggest intraspecies differences in resistance to pathogens.the northern leopard frog (rana pipiens or lithobates pipiens) is historically found in most of the provinces of canada and the northern and southwest states of the united states. in the last 50 years, populations have suffered significant losses, especially in the western regions of the species range. using a peptidomics approach, we show that the pattern of expressed antimicrobial skin peptides of frogs from three geographically separated populations are distinct, and we report the presence of ...200919622371
plasma steroid hormone concentrations, aromatase activities and gsi in ranid frogs collected from agricultural and non-agricultural sites in michigan (usa).the triazine herbicide atrazine has been hypothesized to disrupt sexual development in frogs by up-regulating aromatase activity, resulting in greater estradiol (e2) concentrations and causing feminization in males. the goal of this study was to collect native ranid frogs from atrazine-exposed ponds and determine whether relationships exist between measured atrazine concentrations and the gonadosomatic index (gsi), plasma concentrations of testosterone (t), e2 or 11-ketotestosterone (kt), or wit ...200616427146
sediment tcdd-eqs and erod and mrod activities in ranid frogs from agricultural and nonagricultural sites in michigan (usa).in vitro studies have demonstrated atrazine-mediated induction of 7-ethoxyresorufin o-deethylase (erod) activity. erod is an enzyme active in the metabolism of many compounds, including many xenobiotics. these studies have suggested that atrazine may affect reproductive function by altering steroid metabolism. the goal of this study was to determine whether relationships could be detected between measured atrazine concentrations in surface waters and the liver-somatic index (lsi) and erod and 7- ...200616788744
genetic and metabolic bases of two "albino" phenotypes in the leopard frog, rana pipiens. 19724623610
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