human subcutaneous dirofilariasis. 2. a report of 5 new cases of dirofilaria repens in central and northern italy and of a sixth case with uncertain parasitological diagnosis.six new human cases of subcutaneous filariasis (histological sections) in lombardia, emilia-romagna and toscana are described. five of them are to attribute to dirofilaria repens, whereas some doubts exist with regard to one case. the findings are compared with histological sections of male and female specimens of d. repens and d. immitis recovered from naturally infected dogs.19826926933
[canine dirofilariasis in the canton of ticino and in the neighboring areas of northern italy].the distribution of canine dirofilariosis in southern ticino (switzerland) and in the neighbouring provinces of varese and como (italy) was investigated. blood samples were collected from 308 dogs which had remained in the local area and were outdoor-housed, older than 1.5 years and had not been treated previously with preventive or microfilaricidal drugs. microfilariae of dirofilaria immitis and d. repens were found in 33 (10.7%) and 17 (5.5%) dogs, respectively. ten more dogs (3.2%) tested pos ...200111293933
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