mitochondrial dna polymorphism among populations of melipona quadrifasciata quadrifasciata lepeletier (apidae: meliponini) from southern brazil.the geographical distribution of the brazilian endemic stingless bee melipona quadrifasciata quadrifasciata lepeletier ranges from rio grande do sul to minas gerais states. the objective of the present study was to verify mtdna polymorphisms among samples of m. q. quadrifasciata collected in southern brazil. twenty nine colonies from three localities (blumenau and mafra/sc and prudentópolis/ pr) were sampled. seven mtdna regions were amplified and further digested with 15 restriction enzymes (pc ...200919488509
safeguarding ecosystem services: a methodological framework to buffer the joint effect of habitat configuration and climate change.ecosystem services provided by mobile agents are increasingly threatened by the loss and modification of natural habitats and by climate change, risking the maintenance of biodiversity, ecosystem functions, and human welfare. research oriented towards a better understanding of the joint effects of land use and climate change over the provision of specific ecosystem services is therefore essential to safeguard such services. here we propose a methodological framework, which integrates species dis ...201526091014
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