[feeding pattern of rift valley fever virus vectors in senegal. implications in the disease epidemiology].during the rainy season 2003, an entomological survey was undertaken in the sahelian bioclimatic zone of the ferlo area in northern senegal, in order to evaluate the degree of interaction between rift valley fever (rvf) virus vectors and domestic animals and to determine the role of natural vertebrate hosts in the transmission and maintenance cycle. the study of vector-host contact was carried out under bed net traps using man, cow, sheep, chicken as bait whereas the rvfv vectors-vertebrate host ...200617111980
widespread rift valley fever emergence in senegal in 2013-2014.rift valley fever (rvf), which caused epizootics and epidemics among human and livestock populations, occurred in senegal in 2013-2014. a multidisciplinary field investigation was carried out in 3 regions of senegal. we found 11 confirmed human cases of rift valley fever, including severe cases with encephalitis and retinitis, 1 pool of mosquito (aedes ochraceus), and 52 animals tested positive for the disease. symptoms such as encephalitis and macular retinitis were the most severe cases report ...201627704007
a note on the biting behaviour of the mosquito, aedes ochraceus, in a village in kenya. 196214022959
detection and identification of rift valley fever virus in mosquito vectors by quantitative real-time pcr.diagnostic methods allowing for rapid identification of pathogens are crucial for controlling and preventing dissemination after disease outbreaks as well as for use in surveillance programs. for arboviruses, detection of the presence of virus in their arthropod hosts is important for monitoring of viral activity and quantitative information is useful for modeling of transmission dynamics. in this study, molecular detection of rift valley fever virus (rvfv) in mosquito samples from the 2006 to 2 ...201222841800
distribution and abundance of key vectors of rift valley fever and other arboviruses in two ecologically distinct counties in kenya.rift valley fever (rvf) is a mosquito-borne viral zoonosis of ruminants and humans that causes outbreaks in africa and the arabian peninsula with significant public health and economic consequences. humans become infected through mosquito bites and contact with infected livestock. the virus is maintained between outbreaks through vertically infected eggs of the primary vectors of aedes species which emerge following rains with extensive flooding. infected female mosquitoes initiate transmission ...201728212379
blood meal analysis and virus detection in blood-fed mosquitoes collected during the 2006-2007 rift valley fever outbreak in kenya.rift valley fever (rvf) is a zoonosis of domestic ruminants in africa. blood-fed mosquitoes collected during the 2006-2007 rvf outbreak in kenya were analyzed to determine the virus infection status and animal source of the blood meals.025229704
rift valley fever virus epidemic in kenya, 2006/2007: the entomologic december 2006, rift valley fever (rvf) was diagnosed in humans in garissa hospital, kenya and an outbreak reported affecting 11 districts. entomologic surveillance was performed in four districts to determine the epidemic/epizootic vectors of rvf virus (rvfv). approximately 297,000 mosquitoes were collected, 164,626 identified to species, 72,058 sorted into 3,003 pools and tested for rvfv by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. seventy-seven pools representing 10 species tested po ...201020682903
linalool oxide: generalist plant based lure for mosquito disease vectors.lack of effective vaccines and therapeutics for important arboviral diseases such as rift valley fever (rvf) and dengue, necessitates continuous monitoring of vector populations for infections in them. plant-based lures as surveillance tools has the potential of targeting mosquitoes of both sexes and females of varied physiological states; yet such lures are lacking for vectors of these diseases. here, we present evidence of the effectiveness of linalool oxide (lo), a single plant-based lure pre ...201526552398
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