epidemiological observations on spongiform encephalopathies in captive wild animals in the british isles.since 1986, scrapie-like spongiform encephalopathy has been diagnosed in 19 captive wild animals of eight species at or from eight zoological collections in the british isles. the affected animals have comprised members of the family bovidae: one nyala (tragelaphus angasi), four eland (taurotragus oryx), and six greater kudu (tragelaphus strepsiceros), one gemsbok (oryx gazella), one arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx), and one scimitar-horned oryx (oryx dammah), and members of the family felidae: four ...19947817514
genetic predictions of prion disease susceptibility in carnivore species based on variability of the prion gene coding region.mammalian species vary widely in their apparent susceptibility to prion diseases. for example, several felid species developed prion disease (feline spongiform encephalopathy or fse) during the bovine spongiform encephalopathy (bse) epidemic in the united kingdom, whereas no canine bse cases were detected. whether either of these or other groups of carnivore species can contract other prion diseases (e.g. chronic wasting disease or cwd) remains an open question. variation in the host-encoded pri ...201223236380
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