a host-parasite list of the haematozoa of domestic poultry in sub-saharan africa and the isolation of plasmodium durae herman from turkeys and francolins in south annotated host-parasite list of the blood parasites of domestic poultry in sub-saharan africa is presented. this list contains the haematozoa found in domestic waterfowl (ducks, geese and muscovies) and phasianids (turkey, fowl and peafowl). in south africa plasmodium durae was isolated from 4 out of 8 backyard turkeys, from 3 out of 26 swainson's francolins and from 1 redwing francolin, but not from 20 helmeted guineafowls and 9 greywing francolins. this points at swainson's and redwing fran ...19938332314
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