leishmaniasis in colombia. i. studies on the phlebotomine fauna associated with endemic foci in the pacific coast region.studies on the phlebotomine fauna related to the leishmaniasis endemic foci of the colombian pacific coast were carried out in the municipalities of tumaco and buenaventura. in inguapí del guadual, tumaco, lutzomyia trapidoi and lu. gomezi were the predominant anthropophilic species; lu. panamensis and lu. hartmanni were less frequent. in bajo calima, buenaventura, lu. trapidoi represented over 94% of the anthropophilic sandflies. continuous sampling from 1800 to 0600 hours in inguapí del guadua ...19883177739
identification of a major 72 kilodalton surface antigen in twelve isolates of leishmania braziliensis braziliensis.the study of the surface antigens of leishmania braziliensis braziliensis revealed a great homogeneity among ten strains isolated from bolivia and two reference strains from brazil and belize. a 72 kda major protein, present in all l. b. braziliensis strains, was recognized by both cutaneous and mucocutaneous human sera, but was not recognized by kala-azar and chagasic sera. no cross-reactive antigens were found among strains of leishmania braziliensis guyanensis, leishmania braziliensis panamen ...19873627165
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