tetrameres americana cram (1927) populations in chickens infected with different dose levels.three groups of 20-45 lohman brown chickens aged 3 weeks were orally infected with doses of 25, 100 and 400 tetrameres americana, respectively. fifteen chickens were kept as uninfected controls. every third week in a period of 12 weeks, 5-15 chickens were slaughtered and the proventriculi were examined for the presence of adult stages of t. americana. from day 21 post-infection, pooled feacal samples were examined for parasite eggs, whereas the weight gain of the chickens was monitored weekly. t ...200415381303
a survey of parasitic nematode infections of chickens in rural zimbabwe.a survey to determine the nematode species in rural chickens reared extensively was carried out in six districts of zimbabwe. two-hundred-and-seventy chickens were randomly collected from the districts and processed for helminth recovery. one genus and 10 species were identified from the gastrointestinal tract but no parasites were found in the respiratory tract and eyes. skrjabinocerca sp., capillaria obsignata, capillaria contorta and trichostrongylus tenuis are new records in zimbabwe. alloda ...200111769349
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