louse and mite infestation in domestic animals in northern nigeria.records of domestic animals brought to the veterinary entomology laboratory for diagnosis of suspected lice and mite infestation over a 10 year period were analysed. from a total of 794 suspected cases, 137 (17.3%) and 247 (31.1%) were positive for lice and mange mites respectively. the most common lice species recorded were linognathus vituli (66.7%) on cattle, l. ovillus (83.3%) on sheep, haematopinus suis (100%) on pigs and menacanthus stramineus (54.5%) on poultry. other lice species recorde ...19921305335
cheyletiella parasitivorax dermatitis in man. 19734124015
parasitism of kennel puppies with the mite cheyletiella parasitivorax. 196414193063
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