comparative studies on the morphology of the eggs of opisthorchis viverrini and lecithodendriid trematodes.iodine staining and scanning electron microscopy were used to determine the morphological features distinguishing opisthorchis viverrini from lecithodendriid eggs in human feces. the embryonated eggs of lecithodendriid trematodes differ from o. viverrini by the presence of an iodophilic body, a large mass at the posterior end of miracidium that stains brown in 0.2% iodine solution and the curved miracidium of phaneropsolus bonnei. all forms of lecithodendriid eggs can be differentiated from thos ...19911820653
eggshell morphology of the small eggs of human trematodes in thailand.light and scanning electron micrographs of opisthorchis viverrini, haplorchis taichui, h. pumilio, a phaneropsolus bonnei, and prosthodendrium molenkampi eggs were studied. under light microscopy. o. viverrini eggs had rough eggshells and prominent shoulders. h. taichui, h. pumilio were similar in shape and had smooth eggshells and prominent shoulders. h. pumilio eggs were bigger than h. taichui eggs. p. bonnei and p. molenkampi eggs had smooth eggshells and indistinct shoulders. p. bonnei eggs ...19911820654
diversity of human intestinal helminthiasis in lao trematodiasis is an emerging public health problem, including in lao pdr. we investigated the diversity of intestinal helminthes and polyparasitism in patients with hepatobiliary or intestinal symptoms in hospital and community-based surveys. stool samples from 232 individuals aged >or=15 years were examined by the kato-katz method (three samples) and a formalin ethyl-acetate concentration technique (one sample). opisthorchis viverrini and minute intestinal flukes (mif) were common, w ...200919038411
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