pasteurella pneumotropica isolated from bone and joint infections.pasteurella pneumotropica is a normal inhabitant of the oropharynx of mice, rats, cats, and dogs. we describe here the first reported case of joint and bone involvement in a human. the need for culturing and adequate prophylactic treatment is discussed.19846470102
[pasteurella pneumotropica produces regression of human tumors transplanted in immunodeficiency mice].the technique of human tumor cell line transplantation in immunodeficient mice is used worldwide as a model for cancer research. in accordance with international recommendations, animals used in biomedical research should be free of microorganisms which can interfere in experimental results; including pasteurella pneumotropica. the object of this study was to evaluate the interference produced by p. pneumotropica in the human adenocarcinoma cell line a549 transplanted in n:nih(s)-nu mice. a tota ...200616871912
effect of sequential inoculations of sendai virus and pasteurella pneumotropica in mice. 19744361816
embryonic death in pregnant rats owing to intercurrent infection with sendai virus and pasteurella pneumotropica.during an outbreak of sendai virus infection in a colony of rats used for embryo production, severe lung lesions due to secondary colonization of the rat lungs with pasteurella pneumotropica were noted. the effect on pregnancy was to cause embryonic death and resorption, leaving a deciduoma with trophoblastic giant cells as the only embryonic remnants. up to 30% of fetuses in each pregnant animal were affected at the time of severe maternal lung lesions. heavy growths of pasteurella pneumotropic ...19882832656
myopathy and spontaneous pasteurella pneumotropica-induced abscess formation in an hiv-1 transgenic mouse an effort to augment human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (hiv-1) gene expression in transgenic mice, an infectious proviral dna clone was modified by deleting the two nf kappa b binding sites and some adjacent upstream ltr sequences and replacing them with the core enhancer of moloney murine leukemia virus (mlv). two independent lines of mlv/hiv transgenic mice were established that expressed hiv-1-specific rna in lymphoid tissue, striated skeletal muscle, and the eye lens. heterozygous anima ...19968862275
the bacterial flora of the female rat genital tract.a study of the genital microflora in virgin female rats of reproductive age has demonstrated that alpha and nonhemolytic streptococci, pasteurella pneumotropica, diphtheroid bacilli, staphylococcus epidermidis, and proteus mirabilis are the predominant genital organisms. the ph of the rat vagina was demonstrated to be near neutrality. it is suggested that the higher ph in the rat vagina as compared to the human vagina may account for some of the differences between human and rat genital microflo ...1976768992
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