pig bite injuries and infection: report of seven human cases.six patients developed local infection after being bitten or gored by swine. wounding was often deep and occurred characteristically on the posterior aspect of the thigh. severity of infection varied from simple wound infection with discharge and slough to cellulitis and abscess formation; pathogens included haemolytic streptococci, pasteurellae, bacteroides sp., proteus sp. and escherichia coli and were usually isolated in mixed culture. a patient with pasteurella aerogenes infection appears to ...19883215292
mutational analysis of families affected with molar oligodontia.oligodontia, the congenital absence of six or more permanent teeth, is a common developmental anomaly of human dentition whose genetic basis is poorly understood. we recently reported a nonsyndromic form of oligodontia involving mostly all permanent molars in a large kindred, caused by a frameshift mutation in exon 2 of the human pax9 gene [3]. to better understand the genotype/phenotype correlation in non-syndromic familial oligodontia, we identified additional families with a similar pattern o ...200212489173
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