endemic paragonimiasis in africa.human paragonimiasis has been recorded in 4 west african countries but there is clear evidence of endemicity only in certain parts of nigeria and cameroon. in nigeria, the dominant parasite species is paragonimus uterobilateralis, while in cameroon it is p. africanus. both the fresh water crab sudanonautes africanus and the land crab s. aubryi are proved vectors in nigeria. epidemiological studies using paragonimus skin tests suggest an infection rate of between 5% and 10% in some endemic areas. ...19744549201
discovery of adult parasites of paragonimus uterobilateralis in human tissue in nigeria. 19744280638
distribution of metacercariae in freshwater crabs in relation to paragonimus infection of children in liberia, west explanation was sought for the high prevalence of paragonimiasis in children in liberia by examining possible modes of human infection from freshwater crabs. the occurrence, frequency of infection, and distribution of metacercariae of paragonimus uterobilateralis in the freshwater crab liberonautes latidactylus were studied. the muscles of the cephalothorax and of the legs were found to be the most frequently and most heavily infected parts of the crab. a likely risk of infection of children ...19902222029
the dwarf river crab liberonautes latidactylus nanoides cumberlidge & sachs, 1989, from liberia--a new second intermediate host of paragonimus uterobilateralis.large populations of the dwarf river crab liberonautes latidactylus nanoides cumberlidge & sachs, 1989, collected from the st. paul river at the haindi/mauwa focus of paragonimiasis in liberia were examined for parasitization by the human lung fluke, paragonimus uterobilateralis. four specimens out of 763 l. l. nanoides proved to be positive for p. uterobilateralis (0.52%), and each of these specimens contained only 1 metacercaria. the dwarf river crab forms the basis of a seasonal commercial fi ...19912052862
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