the first case of bloodstream infection by candida intermedia in japan: the importance of molecular identification.a 65-year-old chinese man with diabetes mellitus was admitted to our hospital complaining of bloody sputum, fever, and dyspnea. despite antibiotic treatment, his condition deteriorated, necessitating mechanical ventilation. diffuse alveolar hemorrhage was suspected, and steroid therapy was initiated. although his condition improved and he was extubated, the fever recurred twice, and on both occasions blood cultures yielded yeasts. the yeasts were misidentified as cryptococcus humicola with a com ...201121302127
catheter-related fungemia caused by candida intermedia.candida intermedia is rarely reported as a human pathogen. we report two cases of catheter-related fungemia caused by c. intermedia which were treated successfully with intravenous fluconazole and catheter removal. the isolates were identified by commercial biochemical methods, oligonucleotide array, and partial sequencing analysis of rrna genes.201019497773
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