occurrence of ascocotyle (phagicola) longa ransom, 1920 (digenea: heterophyidae) in mugil incilis from cartagena bay, colombia.fishborne metacercariae have not been reported in colombia. during an 8-month period, 250 mullet/lisa (mugil incilis) were examined for trematode metacercariae in the liver. average prevalence and intensity were 93.4+/-2.5% and 8476+/-1238 cysts per gram of liver, respectively. monthly prevalence of the trematode, identified as ascocotyle (phagicola) longa ransom (1920), was always high (>79%) and there was no difference between sampling periods (p>0.05). trematode intensity in lisa had a signif ...201019939571
prevalence of heterophyiosis in tilapia fish and humans in northern egypt.a total of 100 tilapia fish samples were collected from brackish water (n = 50) and fresh water (n = 50) resources, northern egypt, and examined for heterophyid encysted metacercariae (emc) during the period from august 2007 to july 2008. the overall prevalence of infection was 32%; 22% for brackish water fish and 42% for fresh water fish. significant differences in parasite occurrence among body regions were found, with muscles of the tail and caudal third being highly affected (93.4%) followed ...201020644958
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