a new haemoproteus species (haemosporida: haemoproteidae) from the endemic galapagos dove zenaida galapagoensis, with remarks on the parasite distribution, vectors, and molecular diagnostics.haemoproteus (haemoproteus) multipigmentatus n. sp. (haemosporida, haemoproteidae) was found in the endemic galapagos dove zenaida galapagoensis . it is described based on the morphology of its blood stages and segments of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene, which can be used for molecular identification and diagnosis of this species. haemoproteus multipigmentatus can be readily distinguished from all species of hemoproteids of the subgenus haemoproteus , primarily due to numerous (approximatel ...201020486741
from galapagos doves to passerines: spillover of haemoproteus multipigmentatus.haemoproteus (haemoproteus) multipigmentatus, a haemosporidian parasite thought to be specific to columbiform birds, was detected in passeriform birds on santiago island in the galapagos archipelago. we surveyed birds along an altitudinal gradient on the islands of santa cruz, isabela and santiago between june 2013 and july 2015. molecular screening of 2254 individuals from 25 species of endemic and introduced birds revealed clusters of passerine birds positive for h. multipigmentatus on santiag ...201728736699
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