effects of insecticides on behavior of adult bactericera cockerelli (hemiptera: triozidae) and transmission of candidatus liberibacter psyllaurous.the potato psyllid, bactericera cockerelli (sulc) (hemiptera: triozidae), is a serious pest of potatoes (solanum tuberosum l.) that can cause yield loss by direct feeding on crop plants and by vectoring a bacterial pathogen, candidatus liberibacer psyllaurous. current pest management practices rely on the use of insecticides to control the potato psyllid to lower disease incidences and increase yields. although many studies have focused on the mortality that insecticides can cause on potato psyl ...201121510209
oral delivery of double-stranded rnas and sirnas induces rnai effects in the potato/tomato psyllid, bactericerca cockerelli.the potato/tomato psyllid, bactericerca cockerelli (b. cockerelli), and the asian citrus psyllid, diaphorina citri (d. citri), are very important plant pests, but they are also vectors of phloem-limited bacteria that are associated with two devastating plant diseases. b. cockerelli is the vector of candidatus liberibacter psyllaurous (solanacearum), which is associated with zebra chip disease of potatoes, and d. citri is the vector of ca. liberibacter asiaticus, which is associated with the huan ...201122110747
spatial behavior comparison of bactericera cockerelli sulc. (hemiptera: triozidae) in mexico.during the last five years, bactericera cockerelli sulc. has caused significant economic losses in potato production in mexico, due to the purple top and zebra chip diseases, since it acts as the vector of candidatus liberibacter psyllaurous. despite its importance as a vector of serious potato diseases, the knowledge of its spatial distribution behavior, which could improve the efficiency of control measures, is entirely lacking. the main objective of this work was to compare the spatial distri ...201223950003
a sequential binomial sampling plan for potato psyllid (hemiptera: triozidae) on bell pepper (capsicum annum).potato psyllids (bactericera cockerelli sulc) are a pest on solanaceous crop plants, including bell peppers. potato psyllids vector candidatus liberibacter psyllaurous, but bell peppers (capsicum annum l.) do not exhibit symptoms from infection. potato psyllids show variation in spatial patterns and host choice with cultivar and plant species. consequently, a study of spatial distribution and sampling plan specific to bell peppers is necessary for management of this insect pest, as those develop ...201323401240
correlation between "candidatus liberibacter solanacearum" infection levels and fecundity in its psyllid vector.the potato/tomato psyllid, bactericera cockerelli (šulc) transmits the bacterium, "candidatus (ca.) liberibacter solanacearum" (lso), also known as "ca. liberibacter psyllaurous", which causes zebra chip disease in potato and other solanaceous crops. the authors previously showed that fecundity and nymph survival is significantly reduced in lso-infected psyllids compared to uninfected psyllids on tomato. however, it is not known whether the level of the pathogen is correlated with concomitant re ...201424211673
a binomial sequential sampling plan for bactericera cockerelli (hemiptera: triozidae) in solanum lycopersicum (solanales: solanacea).the tomato-potato psyllid bactericera cockerelli (sulc) (hemiptera: triozidae) is a pest of many solanaceous plants, including tomato (solanum lycopersicum l.) and potato (solanum tuberosum l.). in tomato, feeding by nymphs is associated with "psyllid yellows." b. cockerelli also vectors "candidatus liberibacter psyllaurous," an infectious bacterium that causes "vein greening" disease. decisions about management action are much more effective when guided by robust sampling. however, there are fe ...201424772568
gut content analysis of a phloem-feeding insect, bactericera cockerelli (hemiptera: triozidae).potato psyllid, bactericera cockerelli (šulc) (hemiptera: triozidae), is a key pest of potato (solanum tuberosum l., solanales: solanaceae) and a vector of "candidatus liberibacter solanacearum," the pathogen associated with zebra chip disease. in addition to its presence on cultivated crops, the psyllid regularly occurs on numerous uncultivated annual and perennial species within the solanaceae. a better understanding of landscape-level ecology of b. cockerelli would substantially improve our a ...201627271944
a new huanglongbing species, "candidatus liberibacter psyllaurous," found to infect tomato and potato, is vectored by the psyllid bactericera cockerelli (sulc).a new huanglongbing (hlb) "candidatus liberibacter" species is genetically characterized, and the bacterium is designated "candidatus liberibacter psyllaurous." this bacterium infects the psyllid bactericera cockerelli and its solanaceous host plants potato and tomato, potentially resulting in "psyllid yellowing." host plant-dependent hlb transmission and variation in psyllid infection frequencies are found.200818676707
rna interference towards the potato psyllid, bactericera cockerelli, is induced in plants infected with recombinant tobacco mosaic virus (tmv).the potato/tomato psyllid, bactericera cockerelli (b. cockerelli), is an important plant pest and the vector of the phloem-limited bacterium candidatus liberibacter psyllaurous (solanacearum), which is associated with the zebra chip disease of potatoes. previously, we reported induction of rna interference effects in b. cockerelli via in vitro-prepared dsrna/sirnas after intrathoracic injection, and after feeding of artificial diets containing these effector rnas. in order to deliver rnai effect ...201323824081
diversity of endosymbionts in the potato psyllid, bactericera cockerelli (triozidae), vector of zebra chip disease of potato.zebra chip disease is an emerging, serious disease of solanaceous crops and the causal agent is a bacterium "candidatus liberibacter solanacearum" (cls), also known as "candidatus liberibacter psyllaurous", which is transmitted by the potato psyllid, bactericera cockerelli (šulc). we performed bacterial tag-encoded flx amplicon pyrosequencing (btefap) of the 16s rdna genes to determine the bacterial microbiota in adult insects from cls-uninfected and cls-infected strains of b. cockerelli and pot ...201121327558
life history and life tables of bactericera cockerelli (hemiptera: psyllidae) on potato under laboratory and field conditions in the lower rio grande valley of texas.effective management of potato 'zebra chip' (zc) disease caused by cadidatus liberibacter psyllaurous (syn. solanacearum) depends on the management of its insect vector insect, potato psyllid, bactericera cockerelli (sulc) (hemiptera: psyllidae). to elucidate the age-specific population dynamics of b. cockerelli, the life-table parameters were determined on potato, solanum tuberosum l., under both laboratory and field conditions in the lower rio grande valley (lrgv) of texas. generally, survival ...201021061973
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