redescription of zoniolaimus mawsonae beveridge, 1983 (nematoda: strongyloidea) and the description of z. latebrosus n. sp. from the red kangaroo macropus rufus (marsupialia: macropodidae) based on morphological and molecular data.this study shows that the description of z. mawsonae given by beveridge (1983) represented a composite of two species. hence, z. mawsonae beveridge, 1983 is re-described and a new species, z. latebrosus, is described. males of the two species differ in the lengths of their spicules (0.94-1.23 mm in z. mawsonae compared with 1.53-1.95 mm in z. latebrosus) and in several characteristics of the bursa and genital cone. females of the two species can be identified based on the shape of the posterior ...200211912339
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