complete genome sequence of the lytic pseudomonas fluorescens phage ¤òibb-pf7a.phage ¤òibb-pf7a is a t7-like bacteriophage capable of infecting several pseudomonas fluorescens dairy isolates and is extremely efficient in lysing this bacterium even when growing in biofilms attached to surfaces. this work describes the complete genome sequence of this phage.201121439081
interaction of pseudomonas putida atcc 12633 and bacteriophage gh-1 in berea sandstone rock.measurements of the passage of pseudomonas putida atcc 12633 and a phage-resistant mutant through berea sandstone rock were made. when bacteriophage gh-1 was adsorbed within the rock matrix, a reduction in the passage of the susceptible but not the resistant cells through the rock was observed.198516346956
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