isolation and characterization of the bacteriophage wo from wolbachia, an arthropod endosymbiont.wolbachia is a group of obligate symbiotic bacteria found in many insects and other arthropods. the presence of wolbachia alters reproduction in the host, but the mechanisms are unknown. molecular biological studies of wolbachia have delayed significantly, and one of the reasons is the lack of transformation techniques of this bacterium. in the present study, bacteriophage particles were isolated from wolbachia for the first time. the purified phage had an isometric head that was approximately 4 ...200415094394
molecular subgrouping of wolbachia and bacteriophage wo infection among some indian drosophila species. 201122227942
temperature affects the tripartite interactions between bacteriophage wo, wolbachia, and cytoplasmic incompatibility.wolbachia infections are a model for understanding intracellular, bacterial symbioses. while the symbiosis is often studied from a binary perspective of host and bacteria, it is increasingly apparent that additional trophic levels can influence the symbiosis. for example, wolbachia in arthropods harbor a widespread temperate bacteriophage, termed wo, that forms virions and rampantly transfers between coinfections. here we test the hypothesis that temperatures at the extreme edges of an insect's ...201122194999
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