infant immune response to human rotavirus serotype g1 vaccine candidate reassortant wi79-9: different dose response patterns to virus surface proteins vp7 and vp4.rotavirus is the leading cause of morbidity from gastroenteritis in the developed world and the leading cause of mortality from viral gastroenteritis (estimated 600000 deaths) worldwide. g1 is the most prevalent human serotype. reassortant rotavirus between simian rotavirus rrv or bovine rotavirus wc3 and human strain rotaviruses have been extensively tested as candidate vaccines. rotavirus (rv) reassortant strain wi79-9 consists of a human (strain wi79) g1 serotype vp7 surface protein on a bovi ...200415014293
human rotavirus vaccine is highly efficacious when coadministered with routine expanded program of immunization vaccines including oral poliovirus vaccine in latin america.the efficacy of a rotavirus vaccine against severe rotavirus gastroenteritis when coadministered with routine expanded program on immunization (epi) vaccines including oral polio vaccine (opv) was evaluated in this study.201121378594
safety and immunogenicity of live attenuated quadrivalent human-bovine (uk) reassortant rotavirus vaccine administered with childhood vaccines to infants.the safety and immunogenicity of an orally administered, live rotavirus vaccine comprised of four strains, each with a titer of 10(5.3) or 10(5.8) pfu, and each having 10 genes from the uk bovine strain and the vp7 gene from human rotavirus serotype 1, 2, 3, or 4, were evaluated in adults, young children and infants in randomized, double-blind phase 1 trials. three doses of rotavirus vaccine or placebo given with childhood immunizations to infants at 2, 4, and 6 months of age were well tolerated ...200111535316
the gnotobiotic piglet as a model for studies of disease pathogenesis and immunity to human rotaviruses.gnotobiotic piglets serve as a useful animal model for studies of human rotavirus infections, including disease pathogenesis and immunity. an advantage of piglets over laboratory animal models is their prolonged susceptibility to human rotavirus-induced disease, permitting cross-protection studies and an analysis of active immunity. major advances in rotavirus research resulting from gnotobiotic piglet studies include: 1) the adaptation of the first human rotavirus to cell culture after passage ...19969015112
genotyping of rotaviruses in environmental water and stool samples in southern switzerland by nucleotide sequence analysis of 189 base pairs at the 5' end of the vp7 gene.stool specimens from children (<4 years old) with diarrhea were collected over a 1-year period in ticino (southern region of switzerland). during the same period, environmental samples were collected from surface waters in the proximity of major water treatment plants. from treatment plants, samples were collected from the raw sewage and before the release of the treated water. from rivers, samples were collected before and after receiving the treated waters. a single-step reverse transcription ...200011015383
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