identification of important amino acid residues that modulate binding of escherichia coli groel to its various cochaperones.genetic experiments have shown that the groel/groes chaperone machine of escherichia coli is absolutely essential, not only for bacterial growth but also for the propagation of many bacteriophages including lambda. the virulent bacteriophages t4 and rb49 are independent of the host groes function, because they encode their own cochaperone proteins, gp31 and coco, respectively. e. coli groel44 mutant bacteria do not form colonies above 42 degrees nor do they propagate bacteriophages lambda, t4, o ...200111404317
genome analysis of phage js98 defines a fourth major subgroup of t4-like phages in escherichia coli.numerous t4-like escherichia coli phages were isolated from human stool and environmental wastewater samples in bangladesh and switzerland. the sequences of the major head gene (g23) revealed that these coliphages could be placed into four subgroups, represented by the phages t4, rb69, rb49, and js98. thus, js98 defines a new major subgroup of e. coli t4-like phages. we conducted an analysis of the 169-kb js98 genome sequence. overall, 198 of the 266 js98 open reading frames (orfs) shared amino ...200717693496
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