comparative genomics of lactococcal phages: insight from the complete genome sequence of lactococcus lactis phage bk5-t.lactococcus lactis phage bk5-t and streptococcus thermophilus phage sfi21, two cos-site temperate siphoviridae with 40-kb genomes, share an identical genome organization, sequence similarity at the amino acid level over about half of their genomes, and nucleotide sequence identity of 60% over the dna packaging and head morphogenesis modules. siphoviridae with similarly organized genomes and substantial protein sequence similarity were identified in several genera of low-gc-content gram-positive ...200111336549
spontaneous deletion mutants of the lactococcus lactis temperate bacteriophage bk5-t and localization of the bk5-t attp site.spontaneous deletion mutants of the temperate lactococcal bacteriophage bk5-t were obtained when the phage was grown vegetatively on the indicator strain lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris h2. one deletion mutant was unable to form stable lysogens, and analysis of this mutant led to the identification of the bk5-t attp site and the integrase gene (int). the core sequences of the bk5-t attp and host attb regions are conserved in a number of lactococcal phages and l. lactis strains.19958526525
sequence analysis of the lactococcus lactis temperate bacteriophage bk5-t and demonstration that the phage dna has cohesive ends.the lactococcus lactis temperate bacteriophage bk5-t is a type phage in the lactococcal phage classification (a. w. jarvis, g. f. fitzgerald, m. mata, a. mercenier, h. neve, i. b. powell, c. ronda, m. saxelin, and m. teuber, intervirology 32:2-9, 1991). the nucleotide sequence of 18,935 bp of the genome of bk5-t was determined and analyzed for the presence of open reading frames and other structural features. thirty-two open reading frames longer than 60 codons were identified, and these appeare ...19958526523
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