sequence analysis of conserved rega and variable orf43.1 genes in t4-like bacteriophages.bacteriophage t4 rega protein is a translational repressor of several phage mrnas. in the t4-related phages examined, rega nucleotide sequences are highly conserved and the inferred amino acid sequences are identical. the exceptional phage, rb69, did not produce a rega protein reproducibly identifiable by western blots (immunoblots) nor did it produce mrna that hybridized to t4 rega primers. nucleotide sequences of either 223 or 250 base pairs were identified immediately 3' to rega in rb18 and r ...19902168375
divergence of the mrna targets for the ssb proteins of bacteriophages t4 and rb69.the single-strand binding (ssb) protein of phage t4 (t4 gp32, product of gene 32) is a mrna-specific autogenous translational repressor, in addition to being a sequence-independent ssdna-binding protein that participates in phage dna replication, repair and recombination. it is not clear how this physiologically essential protein distinguishes between specific rna and nonspecific nucleic acid targets. here, we present phylogenetic evidence suggesting that ssdna and specific rna bind the same gp3 ...200415507125
genome analysis of phage js98 defines a fourth major subgroup of t4-like phages in escherichia coli.numerous t4-like escherichia coli phages were isolated from human stool and environmental wastewater samples in bangladesh and switzerland. the sequences of the major head gene (g23) revealed that these coliphages could be placed into four subgroups, represented by the phages t4, rb69, rb49, and js98. thus, js98 defines a new major subgroup of e. coli t4-like phages. we conducted an analysis of the 169-kb js98 genome sequence. overall, 198 of the 266 js98 open reading frames (orfs) shared amino ...200717693496
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