secondary structure of rna from bacteriophages f2 qbeta, and pp7.electron microscopy of rna-protein monolayers prepared under partial denaturing conditions has been used to compare the secondary structure of coliphage f2 and qbeta and pseudomonas aeruginosa phage pp7 rnas. the secondary structure map of f2 rna contains a central open loop and four symmetrically placed hairpins, which is similar to the pattern reported by jacobson (a. b. jacobson, proc. natl. acad. sci. u.s.a. 73:307-311, 1976) for the closely related phage ms2. with the same denaturing condit ...1977409852
translation of pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteriophage pp7 rna by a cell-free amino acid incorporating system from escherichia coli.we have compared the activities of the rna genomes of pseudomonas aeruginosa phage pp7 and coliphages qbeta and f2 in a cell-free amino acid incorporating system derived from escherichia coli. the rate of incorporation of [(14)c]leucine in the pp7 rna-directed system is greater than in the systems directed by either qbeta or f2 rna. the response to changes in phage rna concentrations is similar in all the systems, reaching a saturation level at 0.75 to 1.0 mg of rna per ml of reaction mixture. a ...19744208879
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