patterns of orthopox virus wild rodent hosts in south germany.although cowpox virus (cpxv) infections in a variety of dead-end hosts have been investigated in germany for more than 50 years, data on species and geographical distribution of cpxv in reservoir hosts are sparse. here we present the first comprehensive study of 825 rodents that have been collected in bavaria, southern germany. in summary, six different rodent species (apodemus flavicollis, myodes glareolus, microtus arvalis, apodemus sylvaticus, microtus agrestis, and arvicola amphibius) were t ...200919492947
out of the reservoir: phenotypic and genotypic characterization of a novel cowpox virus isolated from a common vole.the incidence of human cowpox virus (cpxv) infections has increased significantly in recent years. serological surveys have suggested wild rodents as the main cpxv reservoir. we characterized a cpxv isolated during a large-scale screening from a feral common vole. a comparison of the full-length dna sequence of this cpxv strain with a highly virulent pet rat cpxv isolate showed a sequence identity of 96%, including a large additional open reading frame (orf) of about 6,000 nucleotides which is a ...201526311891
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