the filamentous phages fd and if1 use different mechanisms to infect escherichia coli.the filamentous phage fd uses its gene 3 protein (g3p) to target escherichia coli cells in a two-step process. first, the n2 domain of g3p attaches to an f pilus, and then the n1 domain binds to tola-c. n1 and n2 are tightly associated, rendering the phage robust but noninfectious because the binding site for tola-c is buried at the domain interface. binding of n2 to the f pilus initiates partial unfolding, domain disassembly, and prolyl cis-to-trans isomerization in the hinge between n1 and n2. ...201021110981
covert fi- r factors in fi+ r+ strains of bacteria.the presence of an fi(-) sex factor can be detected by propagation of the i-specific phage if1. by use of this method of detection, a high proportion of strains with fi(+) r factors were shown also to carry an fi(-) factor which was frequently a second r factor. in some doubly r(+) strains, the fi(+) and the fi(-) factor were observed to be transferred independently at conjugation.19694886294
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