heterologous deoxyribonucleic acid uptake and complexing with cellular constituents in competent bacillus subtilis.with competent cultures of bacillus subtilis the uptake of escherichia coli deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) is about 50% that for homologous dna. uptake of phage t6 dna, if any, is of the order of 7%, while nonglucosylated phage t6 (t6) dna is taken up almost as effectively as homologous dna. both t6 and t4 dna interfere only minimally with uptake of homologous dna; by contrast, t6 dna competes with homologous dna as effectively as the latter itself. these results indicate that the glucose residues ...1975811646
stable albicidin resistance in escherichia coli involves an altered outer-membrane nucleoside uptake system.albicidin blocked dna synthesis in intact cells of a pola- enda- escherichia coli strain, and in permeabilized cells supplied with all necessary precursor nucleotides, indicating a direct effect on prokaryote dna replication. replication of phages t4 and t7 was also blocked by albicidin in albicidin-sensitive (albs) but not in albicidin-resistant (albr) e. coli host-cells. all stable spontaneous albr mutants of e. coli simultaneously became resistant to phage t6. the locus determining albicidin ...19902191080
bacteriophage t4 early promoter regions. consensus sequences of promoters and ribosome-binding sites.twenty-nine early promoters from bacteriophage t4 and 14 early promoters from bacteriophage t6 were isolated using vector m13hdl17, a promoterless derivative of m13mp8 carrying a linker sequence, the bacteriophage lambda-terminator tr1, and the lacz' gene including part of its ribosome-binding site. the consensus sequence for the t4 promoters is: (sequence; see text). ribosome-binding sites of t4 share the sequence: 5'...g.ggaga..aa.atgaa.a...3' the consensus sequence of the t4 early promoter re ...19892810355
reproduction of bacteriophage t6 and t7 in auxotrophic mutants of e. coli b. 195513327857
vitamin content of purified typhus rickettsiae, tobacco mosaic virus, and coliphage t6. 195613382844
recombinant f' factors from escherichia coli k-12 strains carrying recb or recc.the frequency of genetic exchanges between f' factors and the bacterial chromosome was studied in recombination-deficient escherichia coli mutants under conditions in which the recombinant f' factors were immediately transferred to new hosts. in a series of double matings, f101-1 thr(+)leu(-) episomes were first transferred into each of four intermediate f(-)thr(-)leu(+) strains carrying various rec alleles. after the original f' donors were killed with phage t6, the f101-1 episomes were then tr ...19724553837
fate of heterologous deoxyribonucleic acid in bacillus subtilis.cscl density gradient fractionation of cell lysates was employed to follow the fate of escherichia coli, phage t6, and non-glucosylated phage t6 deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) after uptake by competent cells of bacillus subtilis 168 thy minus trp minus. shortly after uptake, most of the radioactive escherichia coli or non-glucosylated t6 dna was found in the denatured form; the remainder of the label was associated with recipient dna. incubation of the cells after dna uptake led to the disappearan ...1975805125
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