serologic survey and serum biochemical reference ranges of the free-ranging mountain lion (felis concolor) in california.serum samples from 58 mountain lions (felis concolor) in california (usa) were collected between april 1987 and february 1990. nineteen serum samples were used for serum biochemistry determinations; the ranges were similar to reference values in domestic cats, captive exotic felidae and free-ranging mountain lions. a serological survey was conducted to determine whether antibodies were present against selected infectious agents. fifty-four (93%) of 58 sera had antibodies against feline panleukop ...19948028105
neutralizing antibodies against feline parvoviruses in nondomestic felids inoculated with commercial inactivated polyvalent vaccines.the virus neutralization (vn) antibody titers of serum samples from 18 individuals representing 8 carnivore species vaccinated with commercial polyvalent vaccines optimized for domestic cats containing inactivated feline panleukopenia virus (fplv) were evaluated against canine parvovirus type 2 (cpv2). in addition, the titers among 5 individuals from 4 carnivore were evaluated against antigenic variants of feline parvoviruses; fplv, cpv2, cpv2a, cpv2b, cpv2c, mink enteritis virus type 1 (mev1) a ...200617146178
fatal infection with feline panleukopenia virus in two captive wild carnivores (panthera tigris and panthera leo).two cases of fatal infection caused by parvovirus in a white tiger (panthera tigris) and an african lion (panthera leo) at the lisbon zoo (portugal) are described. gross findings at necropsy were catharral enteritis in the tiger and severe hemorrhagic enteritis in the lion. histopathologic examination revealed, in both animals, intestinal crypt necrosis and lymphocyte depletion in the germinal centers of the mesenteric lymph nodes. bacteriologic examination was negative for common bacterial path ...200919569486
surveillance for viral and parasitic pathogens in a vulnerable african lion (panthera leo) population in the northern tuli game reserve, botswana.african lion ( panthera leo ) numbers are decreasing rapidly and populations are becoming smaller and more fragmented. infectious diseases are one of numerous issues threatening free-ranging lion populations, and low-density populations are particularly at risk. we collected data on the prevalence and diversity of viral and parasitic pathogens in a small lion population in eastern botswana. during 2012 and 2014, blood samples were collected from 59% (n=13) of the adult-subadult lions in the nort ...201727669009
serosurvey for selected viral pathogens among sympatric species of the african large predator guild in northern botswana.the recent increase in the creation of transboundary protected areas and wildlife corridors between them lends importance to information on pathogen prevalence and transmission among wildlife species that will become connected. one such initiative is the kavango zambezi transfrontier conservation area of which botswana's okavango delta constitutes a major contribution for wildlife and ecosystems. between 2008 and 2011, we collected serum samples from 14 lions ( panthera leo ), four leopards ( pa ...201727763827
risk factors for exposure to feline pathogens in california mountain lions (puma concolor).the primary challenge to mountain lion population viability in california is habitat loss and fragmentation. these habitat impacts could enhance disease risk by increasing contact with domestic animals and by altering patterns of exposure to other wild felids. we performed a serologic survey for feline pathogens in california mountain lions (puma concolor) using 490 samples from 45 counties collected from 1990 to 2008. most mountain lions sampled were killed because of depredation or public safe ...201323568903
antibody response to vaccines for rhinotracheitis, caliciviral disease, panleukopenia, feline leukemia, and rabies in tigers (panthera tigris) and lions (panthera leo).this article presents the results of a study of captive tigers (panthera tigris) and lions (panthera leo) vaccinated with a recombinant vaccine against feline leukemia virus; an inactivated adjuvanted vaccine against rabies virus; and a multivalent modified live vaccine against feline herpesvirus, calicivirus, and panleukopenia virus. the aim of the study was to assess the immune response and safety of the vaccines and to compare the effects of the administration of single (1 ml) and double (2 m ...201222779227
feline panleukopaenia virus in captive non-domestic felids in south outbreak of feline panleukopaenia virus (fplv) infection was diagnosed by pathology, electron microscopy and polymerase chain reaction (pcr) in vaccinated captive-bred subadult cheetahs in south africa. subsequent to this disease outbreak, 12 cases of fplv diagnosed on histology were confirmed by pcr in captive african black-footed cat, caracal, cheetah, lion, ocelot and serval. phylogenetic analyses of the viral capsid protein gene on pcr-positive samples, vaccine and national center for bio ...201627380652
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