two cases of onychomycosis due to candida the range of yeasts and filamentous fungi reported to cause onychomycosis has increased, uncommon genera or species have appeared in the literature. candida zeylanoides is an example of a yeast rarely involved in human pathology. between 1989 and 1991, two cases of onychomycosis due to this yeast were encountered in wollongong, nsw. there were similarities in the cases, as both involved finger- or thumb-nails and both patients were female (one sixty years of age and the other, seventy-two). e ...19938240183
malassezia and candida colonisation on glans penis of circumcised men.the malassezia yeast are members of the normal human cutaneous flora in adults. they also are reported as part of the microflora of the male genital region in mostly uncircumcised males. it has been reported that malassezia sympodialis and malassezia globosa are the most frequent yeast belonging to the resident microflora of the penis as in other human skin areas. the aim was to evaluate the prevalence of malassezia and candida yeast colonisation on the glans penis of circumcised males. impressi ...200516115108
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