isolation and identification of intestinal steroid-desulfating bacteria from rats and humans.we isolated 12 strictly anaerobic steroid-3-sulfate-desulfating strains from the intestinal floras of rats and humans. two strains (s1 and s2) of the same atypical clostridium species and an atypical lactobacillus strain (termed r9) were obtained from rats. the human isolates were identified as eubacterium cylindroides (two strains, h1 and h2), peptococcus niger (two strains, h4 and h89), and clostridium clostridiiforme. we also isolated, from different human fecal samples, four strains of pheno ...19883178214
characterization of a beta-lactamase from clostridium clostridioforme.a beta-lactamase-producing strain of clostridium clostridioforme isolated from human peritoneal fluid was examined by mic testing and enzyme characterization. mics of penicillins (64-512 mg/l) were higher than those of cephalosporins (8-128 mg/l); the strain was susceptible to cefoxitin (8 mg/l) and imipenem (1 mg/l). no enhancement of cephalosporin activity occurred when clavulanate was also added, but a limited degree of enhancement of penicillin activity (resulting in beta-lactam mics higher ...19948157571
an analysis of human pathogens found in horse/mule manure along the john muir trail in kings canyon and sequoia and yosemite national determine the prevalence of microorganisms that are potentially pathogenic for humans in horse/mule manure along the john muir trail (jmt).200212092962
development of a membrane-array method for the detection of human intestinal bacteria in fecal samples.a membrane-array method was developed for the detection of human intestinal bacteria in fecal samples without using the expensive microarray-arrayer and laser-scanner. the 16s rdna sequences of 20 predominant human intestinal bacterial species were used to design oligonucleotide probes. three 40-mer oligonucleotides specific for each bacterial species (total 60 probes) were synthesized and applied to nitrocellulose membranes. digoxigenin (dig)-labeled 16s rdnas were amplified by polymerase chain ...200212477438
clostridium clostridioforme: a mixture of three clinically important species.clostridium clostridioforme shows much variability in phenotypic and antimicrobial susceptibility tests, suggesting it may be more than a single species even though all strains share unique morphology. this study was designed to determine if there are multiple species and, if so, to demonstrate the differences that exist between them. a total of 107 strains of c. clostridioforme were investigated by sequencing of the 16s rrna gene, phenotypic studies, and antimicrobial susceptibility testing. in ...200515891914
in vitro activity of moxifloxacin against 923 anaerobes isolated from human intra-abdominal infections.the in vitro activity of moxifloxacin against 923 recent anaerobic isolates obtained from pretreatment cultures in patients with complicated intra-abdominal infections was studied using the clsi m11-a-6 agar dilution method. moxifloxacin was active against 87% (96 of 110) bacteroides fragilis strains at < or = 1 microg/ml and 87% (79 of 90) b. thetaiotaomicron strains at < or = 2 microg/ml. species variation was seen, with b. uniformis, b. vulgatus, clostridium clostridioforme, and c. symbiosum ...200616377680
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