the corynebacterium xerosis composite transposon tn5432 consists of two identical insertion sequences, designated is1249, flanking the erythromycin resistance gene ermcx.analysis of the 50-kb r-plasmid ptp10 from the clinical isolate corynebacterium xerosis m82b revealed that the erythromycin resistance gene, ermcx, is located on a 4524-bp composite transposable element, tn5432. the ends of tn5432 are identical, direct repeats of an insertion sequence, designated is1249, encoding a putative transposase of the is256 family. is1249 consists of 1385 bp with 45/42 imperfect terminal inverted repeats. the nucleotide sequence of the 1754-bp tn5432 central region is 99 ...19958559800
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