recent progress in mycoplasma, 12 years after the identification of eaton agent as a mycoplasma, much new information on this infection has accumulated. better methods have become available, which will be helpful in determining whether other mycoplasmas might be human pathogens, e.g., some ureaplasmas in nongonococcal urethritis. experimental mycoplasma infections in birds and animals have revealed common features with immune complex diseases in man. they may serve, therefore, as useful models for human mycoplasma dise ...19751081171
mycoplasma species in chicken flocks with different management systems.chicken flocks hatched together but reared under different management systems were examined for mycoplasmas over a two-year period. on the farm a multiple-age flocks were reared in close contact. this farm had not been depopulated for over 15 years. on farms b, c and d single-age flocks were reared and the farms were depopulated every year. on farm a 218 birds from 20 flocks were tested: mycoplasmas were isolated from 202 (92.7%). on farms b, c and d 289 birds from seven flocks were tested: myco ...198718766648
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