the replicator of the nopaline-type ti plasmid ptic58 is a member of the repabc family and is influenced by the trar-dependent quorum-sensing regulatory system.the replicator (rep) of the nopaline-type ti plasmid ptic58 is located adjacent to the trb operon of this conjugal element. previous genetic studies of this region (d. r. gallie, m. hagiya, and c. i. kado, j. bacteriol. 161:1034-1041, 1985) identified functions involved in partitioning, origin of replication and incompatibility, and copy number control. in this study, we determined the nucleotide sequence of a 6,146-bp segment that encompasses the rep locus of ptic58. the region contained four f ...200010613878
characterization of conjugal transfer functions of agrobacterium tumefaciens ti plasmid ptic58.physical characterization of 13 transposon tn5 insertions within the agrocinopine-independent, transfer-constitutive ti plasmid ptic58trac identified three separate loci essential for conjugation of this nopaline/agrocinopine a + b-type ti plasmid. complementation analysis with relevant subcloned dnas indicated that the three physically separated blocks of conjugal genes constitute distinct complementation groups. two independent tn5 insertions within the wild-type, agrocinopine-dependent, repre ...19892551885
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