occurrence and seasonal transmission of hematozoa in wild turkeys.the occurrence and seasonal patterns of transmission of the blood protozoa of wild turkeys (meleagris gallopavo silvestris) were studied at tallahala wildlife management area (twma) (jasper county, mississippi, usa). blood smears obtained from wild turkeys in winter, spring and summer, and from sentinel domestic turkeys throughout the year were examined for haemoproteus meleagridis and leucocytozoon smithi. whole blood from wild turkeys captured in summer was subinoculated into malaria-free dome ...19902250319
myopathy associated with megaloschizonts of haemoproteus meleagridis in a wild turkey from florida.necropsy of an emaciated adult wild turkey (meleagris gallopavo osceola) that died in captivity soon after capture revealed numerous macroscopic 1-2 mm white cysts in the pectoral muscles. microscopic, aseptate protozoan megaloschizonts, 50-150 microns in diameter, corresponded to the cysts in histological sections. the megaloschizonts were surrounded by a thick, hyaline wall and packed with spherical merozoites less than 1 micron in diameter. muscle fibers surrounding most of the megaloschizont ...19873114504
hematozoan parasites of rio grande wild turkeys from southern hundred twenty-three of 300 blood samples (41%) taken from rio grande wild turkeys (meleagris gallopavo intermedia) from three locations in southern texas (welder wildlife refuge, chaparrosa ranch, and campo alegre ranch) and subinoculated into domestic broad-breasted white turkey poults were positive for a plasmodium (novyella) sp. analysis of blood films from 350 turkeys revealed haemoproteus meleagridis in 76% of the birds. a significantly greater mean parasite intensity was observed in b ...19883127605
blood and gastrointestinal parasites of eastern wild turkeys from kentucky and tennessee.fifty-nine gastrointestinal tracts and 52 blood samples were collected from eastern wild turkeys (meleagris gallopavo silvestris vieillot) during the spring turkey hunts of 1979-1980 from two areas in western kentucky and tennessee. eight species of parasites were recovered, and included (combined prevalence): haemoproteus meleagridis levine, 1961 (25%), hymenolepis carioca (magalhaes, 1898) (44%), metroliasthes lucida ransom, 1900 (25%), raillietina georgiensis (reid and nugara, 1961) (15%), r. ...19846492320
haemoproteus meleagridis levine 1961: redescription and developmental morphology of the gametocytes in turkeys.haemoproteus meleagridis levine 1961 is redescribed and illustrated from material obtained from wild and domestic turkeys (meleagris gallopavo) in florida and georgia. the mature gametocyte of this haemoproteid surrounds the erythrocytic nucleus, occupies 80 to 90% of the host-cell-parasite complex, and causes atrophy of the host cell's nucleus and hypertrophy of the host cell. the developmental sequence of h. meleagridis was studied critically. following the entry of merozoites into the erythro ...19806775070
hemosporid (apicomplexa, hematozoea, hemosporida) community structure off pattern in wintering wild turkeys.the hemosporid community of 76 wild turkeys (meleagris gallopavo silvestris) from south carolina (usa) was examined using thin blood smears collected during january and february 1994. high prevalences and low abundances of hemosporids characterized this community. leucocytozoon smithi and haemoproteus meleagridis occurred in 100% and 54% of the turkeys, respectively; a plasmodium sp. was found in one bird. prevalence of h. meleagridis was significantly higher in juvenile turkeys than adults, but ...19958592366
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