pathogenic and serologic studies of japanese quail infected with jm strain of marek's disease herpesvirus.japanese quail were inoculated with marek's disease herpesvirus at 1 day of age, and a second group of the same age was infected by contact with inoculated quail. a third group raised in our laboratory as a source of hatching eggs was accidentally infected with marek's disease (md). all quail were observed and examined for periods up to 360 days; the usual clinical signs of md were not observed. however, the birds were susceptible to md infection because of the evidence that: 1) the md-specific ...1975164560
responses of isolator-derived japanese quail and quail cell cultures to selected animal viruses.thirteen oncogenic and necrotizing animal viruses were assayed in life sciences, inc. (lsi)-specific pathogen-free japanese quail and lsi-specific pathogen-free chicken embryo cell cultures. nine viruses produced similar titers in the quail and chicken cell systems, whereas four viruses showed significantly higher titers in chickens. young japanese quail and chickens were inoculated with five selected avain viruses and maintained in stainless-steel isolators. comparable responses were noted in q ...1975172527
a transovarian transmission study of marek's disease in japanese quail.experiments were conducted to determine if transovarian transmission of the jm strain of marek's disease virus (mdv) occurs in japanese quail. in one experiment, parent quail were infected with mdv when one-day-old; in another experiment, parent quail were infected when seven weeks old. no precipitating antigen or cytopathic or infective agent was isolated from the egg yolks, embryos, newly hatched quail, or progeny quail of the infected parents. during the eight weeks observation period, the pr ...1975180501
marek's disease in japanese quail -- a pathological, virological and serological study.experimental studies were performed to see whether japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica) are susceptible to jm strain of marek's disease virus (mdv). in three identical trials, a total of 120, one-day-old quail were inoculated intra-abdominally with 0.2 ml. of chicken blood infected with mdv (jm strain) and raised in fapp isolators. uninfected controls were inoculated with normal saline only and raised separately. during the 18-week post infection observation period, 65-80% of the infecte ...1975180503
discovery of noninfectious viral genes complementary to marek's disease herpes virus in quail susceptible to cholesterol-induced atherosclerosis.japanese quail genetically selected on the basis of atherosclerosis susceptibility were tested for infection by marek's disease herpesvirus (mdv). viral dna was detected in the atherosclerotic aortas of susceptible (sus) quail by the technique of dna hybridization. southern blot analysis demonstrated that restriction mapping of aortic dna was specific and different from that of mdv. screening of quail embryos by dot-blot hybridization detected that mdv dna existed in 100% of sus quail tested. re ...19892537395
production of herpesvirus of turkeys in microcarrier culturing system--a new method for production of vaccine against marek's disease.a microcarrier (mc) culturing system for production of a vaccine against marek's disease virus is presented. cytodex-3 beads (pharmacia) and de-53 microgranular (whatman) are the recommended microcarriers. primary cells from chick embryo as well as cells from a quail cell line (qt-6, established from a japanese quail) were found to be good hosts for growth of herpesvirus of turkeys (hvt). hvt, the vaccine strain against marek's disease, was successfully grown and harvested on the above mentioned ...19852995176
[study of viral contamination of japanese quail and cell cultures from their embryos].agents identified as adenovirus celo were isolated from organ suspensions of 1500 japanese quails (jq) in 4 experiments. no contaminating viruses were found in examinations of cell cultures prepared from the kidneys of 80 jq. negative results were obtained in examinations of 163 antigens from jq organs in the cofal test. agents identified as mycoplasma were isolated in 16 cases from 736 specimens of the virus-containing fluid used for manufacture of measles virus. according to the results of the ...19816266156
a simple in vitro differentiation between turkey herpesvirus and marek's disease virus.the growth and plaque formation by turkey herpesvirus (hvt) amd marek's disease herpesvirus (mdhv) were examined in qt35 cells, a continuous fibroblast cell line derived from chemically induced tumors of japanese quail. hvt grew and formed plaques consistently in qt35 cells when inoculated with cell-culture-propagated virus or peripheral mononuclear leukocytes (pml) from chickens that had been inoculated with hvt. both oncogenic and nononcogenic strains of mdhv, however, failed to grow and induc ...19816279072
culture characterization and viral infection of aortic smooth muscle cells from japanese quail susceptible to atherosclerosis.proliferation of aortic smooth muscle cells (smcs), an important feature of atherosclerosis, occurs in the early stage of the disease in japanese quail when fed an atherogenic diet. quail aortic smcs were isolated from a total of 32 quail and cultured in eagle's minimum essential medium supplemented with 10% bovine fetal serum. studies were carried out to characterize the cells in vitro. they grew actively in the early passages, but began to develop cytopathic changes after 3-4 passages and even ...19947601271
transactivation of latent marek's disease herpesvirus genes in qt35, a quail fibroblast cell line, by herpesvirus of turkeys.the qt35 cell line was established from a methylcholanthrene-induced tumor in japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica) (c. moscovici, m. g. moscovici, h. jimenez, m. m. lai, m. j. hayman, and p. k. vogt, cell 11:95-103, 1977). two independently maintained sublines of qt35 were found to be positive for marek's disease virus (mdv)-like genes by southern blotting and pcr assays. sequence analysis of fragments of the icp4, icp22, icp27, vp16, meq, pp14, pp38, open reading frame (orf) l1, and glyc ...200011024146
quail cell lines supporting replication of marek's disease virus serotype 1 and 2 and herpesvirus of turkeys.marek's disease virus (mdv), a highly cell-associated alphaherpesvirus, can be isolated and propagated in chicken kidney cells (ckc) and chicken or duck embryo fibroblast cells (cef or def, respectively). two recently developed cell lines, cu447 and cu453, developed from methylcholanthrene-induced tumors in japanese quail, were examined for their suitability to propagate the three serotypes of mdv. the mdv strain rb-1b (serotype 1) was passaged for more than 30 passages in cu447 without causing ...200415666861
isolation of marek's disease virus from japanese quail with lymphoproliferative disease.sixty-one japanese quail from eight flocks with problems of recurring outbreaks of lymphoproliferative diseases resembling marek's disease (md), were examined aetiologically. gross lymphomatous lesions were seen in 17 of the quail and 11 out of 56 quail had md virus (mdv) feather tips antigens. mdv antibody was detectable in only one of 22 quail. none of 9 quail had antibodies against reticuloendotheliosis virus (rev). no mdv was isolated from the total 42 materials of quail using cell culture t ...199018679919
comparative studies on pathogenical, virological and serological properties of marek's disease virus isolated from japanese quail and chicken.the qm-1 strain of marek's disease virus (mdv) isolated from japanese quail (jq) induced higher mortality (96%) with md lesions in quail than the jm strain of mdv isolated from chickens (c) (21%). in contrast both viruses induced md in 90% of chickens. pathological changes produced in quail inoculated with jq-mdv or c-mdv were similar. however, the incidence of tumour lesions in the duodenum of quail inoculated with jq-mdv was significantly higher. neither virus induced tumour lesions in the duo ...199118679999
the expression of marek's disease tumour-associated surface antigen in various avian species.marek's disease tumour-associated surface antigen (matsa) was detected on lymphoid cells from chickens infected with marek's disease virus (mdv) or the herpesvirus of turkeys (hvt), from a chicken-quail hybrid infected with mdv, and from turkeys infected with the ga strain of mdv, but not on cells from turkeys infected with hvt or the hprs-16 strain of mdv or from mdv-infected japanese quails or bobwhite quails, despite the presence of lymphomas in some japanese quails. two complementary explana ...198418766850
pathogenicity of a quail (coturnix coturnix japonica)-derived marek's disease virus rescued from the qt35 cell line.the qt35 cell line was established in 1977 from methylcholanthrene-induced tumors in japanese quail. it was later shown that at least some of the qt35 cell lines were latently infected with marek's disease (md) virus (mdv). an mdv-like herpesvirus, named quail mdv (qmdv), was isolated from qt35 cells in 2000 by yamaguchi et al. to determine the pathogenicity of qmdv, we inoculated 10-day-old specific-pathogen-free chickens with qmdv jm (virulent), rb-1b (very virulent), or 584a (very virulent pl ...201020408411
role of marek's disease herpesvirus in the induction of tumours in japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica) by methylcholanthrene.the qt35 cell line, established from 20-methylcholanthrene (mca)-induced tumours in japanese quail, is positive for marek's disease virus (mdv), and therefore we examined whether mdv is important for the development of mca-induced tumours. japanese quail were inoculated with the jm16 strain of mdv at 1 or 3 days of age or left uninoculated. at 3 weeks of age, quail were injected in the breast muscle with 4 mg mca in corn oil or corn oil alone. quail were observed for tumours three times/week and ...201020544424
natural outbreak of marek's disease in indigenous chicken and japanese quail (coturnix coturnix japonica) in jos, plateau state, nigeria.carcasses of an indigenous adult chicken and japanese quail from different flocks were presented to a veterinary clinic for postmortem (pm) examination in 2014 in jos, plateau state, nigeria. pm observations revealed cutaneous, hepatic, and splenic tumors in the indigenous chicken. the quail carcass was emaciated with hepatic tumors. histopathology revealed severe focally extensive non-encapsulated circumscribed large nodules with pleomorphic population of cells mainly composed of lymphoplasmacy ...201931360655
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