sensitivity of double centrifugation sugar fecal flotation for detecting intestinal helminths in coyotes (canis latrans).fecal analysis is commonly used to estimate prevalence and intensity of intestinal helminths in wild carnivores, but few studies have assessed the reliability of fecal flotation compared to analysis of intestinal tracts. we investigated sensitivity of the double centrifugation sugar fecal flotation and kappa agreement between fecal flotation and postmortem examination of intestines for helminths of coyotes (canis latrans). we analyzed 57 coyote carcasses that were collected between october 2010 ...201222740537
gastrointestinal helminths of coyotes (canis latrans) from southeast nebraska and shenandoah area of iowa.this survey was carried out on the carcasses of 29 coyotes from southeastern nebraska and shenandoah area of iowa to document the helminths present in the intestinal track of these carnivorous animals.201627733798
data on the parasitological status of golden jackal (canis aureus l., 1758) in hungary, twenty canis aureus individuals were submitted to parasitological examinations in 2010-2012. two coccidia: cystoisospora canis (15%) and toxoplasma-type oocysts (5%), one trematoda: alaria alata (10%), six cestoda: mesocestoides lineatus (20%), echinococcus granulosus (10%), dipylidium caninums (5%), taenia hydatigena (15%), taenia pisiformis (20%), taenia crassiceps (40%), and nine nematoda: angiostrongylus vasorum (10%), crenosoma vulpis (30%), capillaria aerophila (5%), toxocara c ...201424334089
[parasitic infections of coyote, canis latrans (carnivora: canidae) in a costa rican national park and a surrounding agricultural area].as human populations expand into wild habitats with their pets and livestock, the potential spread of disease to wildlife or vice versa increases. because, wild and domestic canids may pose as reservoirs or disseminators of infectious diseases (including parasites), coyotes (canis latrans) may also serve as indicators of ecological health. in costa rica, little information exists on coyote parasites, making research necessary to identify potential zoonotic interactions. for this reason, a survey ...201223894947
effect of short-term coyote removal on populations of coyote helminths.coyote (canis latrans) removal programs often are initiated despite the potential population regulatory mechanism of parasitism with increased coyote density. we investigated the effect of intensive, short-term coyote removal on population levels of helminths in juvenile and adult coyotes from western texas. coyotes were killed by aerial gunning every 3 mo for 2 yr on two 5,000 ha areas, which reduced the overall coyote density of these areas by about 50%. two other 5,000 ha areas were used as c ...200211838229
persistence of a recurrent group of intestinal helminth species in a coyote population from southern texas.the persistence and interrelationships of a recurrent group of intestinal helminth species in a coyote population from southern texas were determined; data were collected at 4-yr intervals (1979, 1983, and 1987). the a priori expectation was that a defined recurrent group of helminth species persisted over time and that the respective helminth species were stable in terms of their abundances. the fager index and subsequent recurrent group analysis indicated a small group of taxonomically unrelat ...19938501593
population dynamics across selected habitat variables of the helminth community in coyotes, canis latrans, from south texas.the effects of selected intrinsic variables operating on host subpopulations and of extrinsic variables across the collective host population on the distributions of 10 common helminth species from coyotes in south texas were compared. the intrinsic variables of host sex and presence and severity of sarcoptic mange had little effect on the distributions of most helminth species. the combined influences of (1) seasonal changes across the collective host population and (2) host subpopulations deli ...19846512639
helminth parasites of the coyote (canis latrans) in tennessee.from 1980 to 1984, 267 coyotes (canis latrans) from tennessee were examined for helminth parasites. hearts were examined for the presence of dirofilaria immitis, diaphragms for trichinella spiralis, and digestive tracts for other helminths. six species were found including 5 nematodes (d. immitis, physaloptera rara, trichuris vulpis, ancylostoma caninum, and toxascaris leonina) and 1 cestode (taenia pisiformis). univariate and multivariate statistical techniques were used to assess parasite prev ...19873585628
transmission of ancylostoma caninum and alaria marcianae in coyotes (canis latrans).one of seven female coyotes (canis latrans) captured in webb county, texas during september 1986 and confined and mated in holding facilities at millville, utah whelped the following spring. the maternal female (greater than 5-yr-old) and her five neonates were killed at 22 days postparturition. all were infected with adult ancylostoma caninum and were passing eggs in their feces. also, the neonates and maternal female were infected with immature and adult alaria marcianae, respectively. these f ...19883411716
gastrointestinal parasitism of iowa coyotes in relation to age.taenia sp., physaloptera sp., ancylostoma caninum, toxascaris leonina, and/or trichuris vulpis were recovered from gastrointestinal tracts of 141 and 144 (97.9%) coyotes ranging from 1/2 to 8 1/2 years of age. ancylostoma caninum exhibited a significant decline in both prevalence and mean number per coyote with increasing age of the host. taenia sp. appeared with consistently high prevalence in all age classes. physaloptera sp. and t. leonina showed general reductions in prevalence in all age cl ...1978641673
parasites of the coyote (canis latrans) in central utah.seventeen coyotes, canis latrans, from central utah were surveyed for parasites. five species of parasites not reported previously from coyotes in utah were detected: filaroides osleri, physaloptera sp., spirocerca sp., ancylostoma caninum, and cediopsylla simplex. in all, 11 genera of parasites were observed.1978418190
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