clinical large intestinal coccidiosis in camels (camelus dromedarius) in the united arab emirates: description of lesions, endogenous stages, and redescription of isospora orlovi, tsygankov, 1950 oocysts.between january and march 2001, eight 4- to 8-wk-old camels (camelus dromedarius) from 2 farms from dubai area of the united arab emirates were submitted for necropsy examination. the camels had diarrhea of 2-5 days duration. grossly, a severe diphtheroid-to-hemorrhagic colitis was seen in all animals. gamonts, unsporulated oocysts, sporulating oocysts, and fully sporulated oocysts were present in the intestinal epithelium and the lamina propria. fully sporulated oocysts contained 2 sporocysts a ...200212099424
isospora orlovi infection in suckling dromedary camel calves (camelus dromedarius) in kenya.outbreaks of isosporosis in young suckling dromedary camel calves (camelus dromedarius) in dubai, uae and in kenya were recently described. in the former outbreak the pathogen was shown to be isospora orlovi by morphological features and was later characterized molecularly. in the present study, we have made a longitudinal investigation of 159 suckling dromedary calves < or =12 weeks of age belonging to 8 ranched camel herds (m1) in northern kenya. the study was carried out during 18 months. in ...200818295405
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