trypanosoma evansi infection in worked and unworked buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) in indonesia.the effect of controlled amounts of exercise on the outcome of trypanosoma evansi infection was studied in groups of swamp buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) experimentally infected with t. evansi. daily body temperature, packed cell volume (pcv) and parasitaemia measurements were obtained from each animal for up to 110 days after infection. exercise did not appear to exacerbate the effect of t. evansi infection in that similar temperature, pcv and parasitaemia profiles were obtained with both exercise ...19911788927
immunohistochemical demonstration of trypanosoma evansi in tissues of experimentally infected rats and a naturally infected water buffalo (bubalus bubalis).trypanosoma evansi was demonstrated by an immunohistochemical technique in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues of experimentally infected rats. trypanosoma evansi was visible readily, nuclei were stained darkly, the cytoplasm was stained moderately, and the cell membranes were delineated clearly. the parasites were present in small- to large-sized blood vessels of all organs, in extravascular spaces of ventricles and neuropil of the brain, and in interstitial tissues of the lung and testes. ...19902319414
trypanosoma evansi infection in buffaloes in north-east thailand. i. field investigations.clinical, parasitological and serological findings of trypanosoma evansi infections in buffaloes (bubalis bubalis) from north-eastern thailand are reported. the overall infection rate was found to be around 20% with a distinct peak of acute infections during the rainy season. the disease is aggravated by normally well tolerated concomitant infections such as liver fluke infestations and by other stress factors.19854024265
the pathology of experimental trypanosoma evansi infection in the indonesian buffalo (bubalus bubalis).six indonesian buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) were inoculated intravenously with 10(5) trypanosoma evansi, examined clinically, haematologically and serologically, and then killed 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 or 12 weeks after infection for detailed pathological study. relapsing fever was related to the waves of parasitaemia and fluctuations of pulse and respiration rates. anaemic mucous membranes, depression, weakness, refusal to walk, loss of appetite and emaciation were seen. body weight, packed cell volume, t ...19948040389
evaluation of the card agglutination test (catt/t. evansi) for detection of trypanosoma evansi infection in water buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) in egypt.a card agglutination test (catt/t. evansi) was evaluated for detection of antibodies against trypanosoma evansi (t. evansi) in experimentally and naturally infected buffaloes. four calves were inoculated with a strain of t. evansi isolated from a dromedary camel. parasitological examination of the calves revealed trypanosomes in the blood from days 4 to 9 post-inoculation (pi). general emaciation appeared from day 26 pi and aggravated until the end of the experiment (day 88 pi). antibodies again ...200415110402
hematological and biochemical changes in water buffalo calves (bubalus bubalis) infected with trypanosoma evansi.four water buffalo calves (bubalus bubalis) were each inoculated intravenously with 10(6)t. evansi (camel isolate) and the fifth calf kept as non-infected control. the blood and sera of all calves were examined every 4 days during the first month post-inoculation (pi) and then once weekly until the end of the experiment (88 days pi). they were examined for hematological and biochemical changes, liver and kidney function tests. hemoglobin concentration (hb%), packed cell volume (pcv) and red bloo ...200616567045
prevalence and molecular diagnosis of trypanosoma evansi in nili-ravi buffalo (bubalus bubalis) in different districts of punjab (pakistan).the prevalence of trypanosoma evansi was investigated in 1,250 nili-ravi buffaloes of mixed age and sex by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) for the first time in pakistan. dna of the trypanosomes was isolated with trireagent®. the assay was employed using primers esag 6/7, specific for a 237-bp fragment from t. evansi genomic dna. the samples were screened for the presence of t. evansi also by stained thin smear. forty-four (3.5%) samples were positive by microscopy, while 97 (7.7%) samples were ...201020680446
trypanosoma vivax in water buffalo of the venezuelan llanos: an unusual outbreak of wasting disease in an endemic area of typically asymptomatic infections.trypanosoma vivax has been associated with asymptomatic infections in african and south american buffalo. in this study, t. vivax was analyzed in water buffalo (bubalus bubalis) from venezuela in a molecular survey involving 293 blood samples collected from 2006 to 2015 across the llanos region. results demonstrated constant infections (average 23%) during the years analyzed. in general, animals were healthy carriers of t. vivax with low levels of parasitemia and were diagnosed exclusively by tv ...201627884441
molecular characterization of trypanosoma evansi isolates from water buffaloes (bubalus bubalis) in the philippines.trypanosoma evansi infection in the philippines is frequently reported to affect the country's livestock, particularly, the buffaloes. to assess the prevalence and intraspecific diversity of t. evansi in the country, blood samples from water buffaloes in different geographical regions were collected during an outbreak. t. evansi was detected in all 79 animals tested using pcr targeting the rotat 1.2 vsg gene. sequencing of the rdna complete internal transcribed spacer (its) region including the ...201323377905
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