balagodu virus, a new arbovirus isolated from ardeola grayii (sykes) in mysore state, south india. 19694979767
isolation of ornithosis bedsoniae from paddy birds, ardeola grayii (sykes), in mysore state india. 19685715959
the life cycle of haplorchis pumilio (trematoda: heterophyidae) from the indian region.the life cycle of the heterophyid fluke, haplorchis pumilio is elucidated for the first time from the indian region. various stages in the life cycle were established based on observations made on natural infections found in snails and fish in a freshwater stream at visakhapatnam, india and experimental infections carried out in the laboratory. the thiarid snail, thiara tuberculata served as the first intermediate host and a wide range of freshwater fish as second intermediate hosts. natural inf ...200617125540
on the male of avioserpens multipapillosa singh, 1949 from ardeola grayii. 19715166875
oxidative stress risk assessment through heavy metal and arsenic exposure in terrestrial and aquatic bird species of this study, we investigated metal- and metalloid-induced oxidative stress response in two aquatic (cattle egret (bubulcus ibis) (n = 10), pond heron (ardeola grayii) (n = 10)), as well as two terrestrial (spotted owlet (athene brama) (n = 6) and bank myna (acridotheres ginginianus) (n = 16)) bird species collected from the outskirts of lahore city, pakistan. for this purpose, glutathione (tgsh) and lipid peroxidation (thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (tbars)) levels and activities of a ...202031993901
dietary proxies (δ15n, δ13c) as signature of metals and arsenic exposure in birds from aquatic and terrestrial food this study, exposure to arsenic (as), lead (pb), cadmium (cd), copper (cu) and zinc (zn) was investigated in the blood, pectoral muscles and tail feathers of two terrestrial (spotted owlet; athena brama and bank myna; acridotheres ginginianus) and two aquatic (cattle egret; bubulcus ibis and pond heron; ardeola grayii) bird species inhabiting pakistan. food chain specimens, as well as the dietary proxies δ15n and δ13c, were also analyzed to validate potential trophic and dietary transfers of ...202032062182
mitochondrial dna dataset suggest that the genus sphaerirostris golvan, 1956 is a synonym of the genus centrorhynchus lühe, 1911.our present genetic data of acanthocephala, especially the mitochondrial (mt) genomes, remains very limited. in the present study, the nearly complete mt genome sequences of sphaerirostris lanceoides (petrochenko, 1949) was sequenced and determined for the first time based on specimens collected from the indian pond heron ardeola grayii (sykes) (ciconiiformes: ardeidae) in pakistan. the mt genome of s. lanceoides is 13 478 bp in size and contains 36 genes, including 12 protein-coding genes (pcgs ...202032487273
prevalence and diversity of avian haematozoan parasites in wetlands of bangladesh.the parasites of genera haemoproteus, plasmodium, and leucocytozoon are well-known avian haematozoa and can cause declined productivity and high mortality in wild birds. the objective of the study was to record the prevalence of haematozoan parasites in a wide range of wetland birds in bangladesh. six species of haemoproteus, seven species of plasmodium, one unidentified species of leucocytozoon, and one unidentified microfilaria of the genus paronchocerca were found. data on the morphology, siz ...201424587896
prevalence of antibodies to japanese encephalitis and west nile viruses among wild birds in the krishna-godavari delta, andhra pradesh, the krishna-godavari delta region of the state of andhra pradesh, india, 866 sera obtained from trapped birds of 13 species were tested for neutralizing antibody to japanese encephalitis (je) virus; two species of birds belonging to the family ardeidae, ardeola grayii (pond heron) and bubulcus ibis (cattle egret), contributed 514 of these sera. neutralizing antibody to je virus--i.e. sera giving positive reactions--was detected in 179 sera (34.8%) from these two species; in addition, two sera ...19817303138
metal contamination in select species of birds in nilgiris district, tamil nadu, india.variation in metal contamination in six species of birds, namely the cormorant (phalacrocorax carbo), cattle egret (bubulcus ibis), little egret (egretta garzetta), pond heron (ardeola grayii), common myna (acridotheres tristis) and jungle babbler (turdoides striatus) in nilgiris district, tamil nadu, india. the accumulation of heavy metals differed among the species studied. on an average, little egret accumulated high concentrations of copper (53.31 ± 23.19 ppm) followed by cattle egret (16.27 ...201121656294
observations on the morphology and life-cycle of procerovum varium (onji & nishio, 1916) (trematoda: heterophyidae).the life-cycle of procerovum varium (digenea: haplorchiinae) was studied experimentally and the morphology of stages in the life-cycle has been described and illustrated. infections with adult flukes were found in the pond heron ardeola grayii and heavy infections with metacercariae were found, attached to the liver of the fish oryzias melastigma (oryziatidae) occurring in a freshwater stream situated in visakhapatnam, india. the cercariae developing in the snail thiara tuberculata possessed typ ...200010845654
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