ultrastructural studies of the zygote and oocyst wall formation of eimeria truncata of the lesser snow goose.zygote development and oocyst wall formation of eimeria truncata occurred in epithelial cells in renal tubules and ducts of experimentally infected lesser snow geese (anser c. caerulescens). post-fertilization stages were present throughout the kidneys beginning nine days post-inoculation. initially, a single plasmalemma enclosed the zygote, and type 1 wall-forming bodies (wf1) became labyrinthine and moved toward the surface. there, wf1 degranulated and formed the outer layer of the oocyst wall ...19863746720
[kidney coccidium, eimeria truncata, from the domestic goose (anser anser domesticus]. 19807470016
mortality associated with renal coccidiosis in juvenile wild greylag geese (anser anser anser).fourteen non-flying wild greylag (anser anser anser) goslings were reported dead on the bothnian bay coast of finland in july and august, 1992. renal coccidiosis caused by eimeria truncata was isolated from all three of the goslings necropsied.19947760488
dynamics of parasitic infections at four sites within lesser snow geese (chen caerulescens caerulescens) from the breeding colony at la pérouse bay, manitoba, canada.we enumerated parasite burdens within the blood, gizzard, ceca, and kidneys of adult female lesser snow geese chen caerulescens caerulescens collected from the breeding colony at la pérouse bay, manitoba, canada, in 1989. we observed 5 species of nematodes, 1 species of digenean, 1 species of protozoan, and an unidentified microfilaria in these geese. we compared parasite burdens between geese collected during the incubation (2-14 june) and brood-rearing (1-5 august) periods. there was a signifi ...19948064540
eimeria truncata associated with morbidity and death of domestic goslings. 195214926326
renal coccidiosis and other parasitologic conditions in lesser snow goose goslings at tha-anne river, west coast hudson bay.lesser snow goose (chen caerulescens caerulescens) goslings, approximately 5 weeks of age, were collected near the mouth of tha-anne river, northwest territories, canada, during mid-august 1991. many dead goslings had been observed in the area from 1988 to 1990. goslings from near the coast, where habitat degradation by grazing geese was severe, were smaller, weighed less, and had a greater prevalence of renal coccidiosis (eimeria truncata) and cecal nematode (trichostrongylus spp.) infection th ...19968827676
ultrastructural studies of microgametogenesis and macrogametogenesis of eimeria truncata of the lesser snow goose.microgamonts and macrogamonts of eimeria truncata were observed in renal epithelial cells of collecting tubules and ducts and occasionally in macrophages of experimentally infected lesser snow geese (anser c. caerulescens) beginning 8.5 days post inoculation. intraparasitophorous vesicles in parasitophorous vacuoles of both types of gamonts appeared to originate in host cell cytoplasm and enter gamonts through micropores by budding of plasmalemma or by pinocytosis. within the parasite's cytoplas ...19863746721
renal coccidiosis caused by eimeria gaviae n. sp. in a common loon (gavia immer).renal coccidiosis was diagnosed in a common loon (gavia immer). this is the first report of coccidium from the kidney of a member of the order gaviiformes. morphologically, the coccidium was considered to be an eimeria sp. distinct from eimeria truncata, and was named eimeria gaviae n. sp.1978749899
fine structural study of eimeria truncata from the domestic goose (anser anser dom.).eimeria truncata oocysts were isolated from a naturally infected goose stock. domestic geese and ducks were inoculated with sporulated oocysts. meronts, merozoites, macro- and microgamonts, and microgametes were studied with the light and electron microscope. these stages were located in the epithelial cells of the kidney tubules only. the meronts and merozoites showed the characteristic fine structures of eimeria species. the macrogamonts only possessed one type of wall-forming bodies. it resem ...19817324535
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