transmission of theileria buffeli to cattle by haemaphysalis bancrofti fed on artificially infected mice.larval and nymphal haemaphysalis bancrofti became infected with theileria buffeli following the intraperitoneal inoculation of infected bovine blood into cba mice on which they were feeding. subsequent instars of fed ticks were released on calves and transmitted theileriosis at each of 10 attempts. suspensions made from ticks moulted in vitro and then incubated for 4 days at 37 degrees c were also infective for calves inoculated subcutaneously. the findings provide a convenient method for infect ...19892588463
parasites of the brush-tailed rock-wallaby (petrogale penicillata).the brush-tailed rock-wallaby (petrogale penicillata) is listed as vulnerable on the international union for conservation of nature (iucn) red list of threatened species. parasitic diseases have been proposed as possible contributing factors to the decline of the species, but very little is known about the effects of parasites on this host. this study determined the antibody prevalence of the protist toxoplasma gondii in a wild brush-tailed rock-wallaby population from three neighboring colonies ...201020090035
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